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# At the end, if your child wants to participate in a National level competition in Abacus, he/she can participate.


Core details

The teacher teaches abacus using the abacus in normal abacus lessons, then the abacus is gradually removed from regular classes to allow youngsters to practice mental calculations. The Tutor covers the fundamental mathematical calculation procedures in abacus, speed writing, fingering practice, and oral sums.

We have divided this course into 2 levels:

  • Representing 1 to 30 on Abacus
  • Addition and subtraction using magical fingers
  • Addition using lower beads, Subtraction using lower beads
  • Addition and Subtraction using small friends and big friends.
  • Introduced multiplication and division.
  • Representing multiplies ranging from 10 upto 100
  • Representing multiplies ranging from 100 upto 1000

At the end, your child can do complicated calculations easily with their abacus skills. The certificate is issued after the completion of each level.

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