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Chess is a national-level game that is played in every country and has several benefits.
As a result, every youngster should learn to play chess.

Why us?


Opening Principles

Core details

Our classes are suitable for both beginners and expert students, depending on the age of your kid. We prepared the youngster to proceed in this game if he already knew the basics.

From beginner to winner, mastery, thinking like a chess player, we cover everything in our sessions.


Live 1:1 Online Chess Classes

Chess is one of the most popular games of modern world. Today millions of people are associated with chess. It was originated in India and was known as shatranj.

We here at Kiya Learning encourage our students to learn and play chess.

Chess sets the foundation for major creative and analytical efforts in Entrepreneurship

Research Benefits of Kiya Learning Online Chess

Increases you IQ

Playing chess involves alot of moves and strategies. When you practice chess you are unknowingly increasing your IQ and skills.

Improves concentration

Playing chess improves your concentration as you are thinking about all the moves that are going to happen in a minute.

Increases problem

A game of chess is like a big puzzle that needs to be solved, and it does so on the fly, as your opponent is constantly changing the parameters.

Increase your creativity

Enhance your skills and strategies with Kiya learning so that you can make your own moves and become a grand master

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