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How we can help you!

1)  All sessions are taught live 1:1 online in the comfort of your own home by certified teachers in the top 99.9 percentile.
2) Personality development for your children through public speaking classes, self-imagining, self-awareness, leadership qualities, story-telling, effective communication skills, and a lot more, all are taught in a very amazing way.

Assure you

1)  Your child will be able to speak English with full CONFIDENCE.
2) Your child will engage more and more in real life.
3) Your child will get rid of stage fear.


  • 1) Increase your brain’s capacity that constantly loaded with new thoughts.
  • 2) Boost your cognitive skills.
  • 3) This will prepare you to face real-world challenges.
  • 4) Increase confidence.
  • 5) It builds leadership quality.

Course details

We have divided this course into 4 levels

Level 1
Personality-Definition, elements, determinants.
Personal grooming-Personal hygiene, social effectiveness, business etiquettes.

Level 2
Body language – Non-verbal communication, types of body language, functions of body language, roles of body language, proxemics.
The Art of good communication – Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, Difference between Oral and Written Communication, 7’Cs of Effective Communication, Importance of Effective Communication.
Level 3
Team behavior – Types of teams, team roles and behavior.
Group discussion- Do’s and Don’ts.
Level 4
Interview preparation- introduction, resume writing, dress code, mock-interview, how to be successful in an interview.
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