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How we can help you!

  • 1) Private singing sessions, rehearsals, and live performances are all part of the program to help you advance to the next level.
  • 2) Your child can participate in a singing competition without any hesitation.
  • 3) You can make a career in singing.
  • 4) There is no age restriction. Anybody can join our classes, from kids to adults.
  • 5) We make sure that you feel comfortable. Our teacher is there only to help you, teach you, and make you an expert, not to judge you or make any comments.

10 Health Benefits of Singing.

  • 1) It helps you feel better.
  • 2) It improves lung function.
  • 3) Helps to boost memory.
  • 4) It allows you to express yourself.
  • 5) Can aid with pain reduction.
  • 6) Enhances your self-esteem.
  • 7) It helps you beat stress and relax.

Course details

You’ll get to meet your teacher and talk about what sort of music you enjoy listening to and want to sing. Then you’ll learn about the anatomy of your voice, how to properly warm up your vocal chords, diction (correctly enunciating the words according to the type of music), pitch, and finally, you’ll select your first song to work on!

We also cover the musical arts

  • 1) Music Composition and Theory
  • 2) Music History and Literature
  • 3) Music Performing
  • 4) Musical Conducting
  • 5) Jazz
  • 6) Voice and Opera
  • 7) Photography, Film, and Video
  • 8) Music Merchandising and Management.
  • 9) Musicology and Ethnomusicology
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