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It is the native language of Spain and the official language of many countries, like Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, El Salvador, Cuba, Colombia, Chile, the Philippines, and some more countries.

In the Spanish language, DELE and SIELE are the official certifications from the Spanish Ministry of Education to prove knowledge of the Spanish language. The certificates are internationally recognized certificates.

How we can help you!

1)We teach all the levels (A1,A2, B1, B2,C1, and C2).

2) We teach this language according to the DELE and SIELE patterns.

3) We also provide a certificate after completing the course.

4) You will be able to communicate fluently in Spanish.

5) We teach in such a pleasant and wonderful way that you will never feel overwhelmed.

6) By the end, your child will be able to hold simple conversations as well as advanced communication in both spoken and written forms.

There are six levels in the Spanish language.

A1: Basic level, you’ll learn everyday expressions and basic grammar.

A2: Elementary level, you’ll learn more in-depth grammar topics, learn to describe your daily routine in simple terms, and understand each word you read.

B1: Pre-intermediate level. At this level, you’ll learn how to have conversations. How to produce well-structured text.

B2: Intermediate level. At this level, you can interact fluently with others and understand and formulate complex ideas.

C1: Advanced level. At this level, you can express yourself fluently and spontaneously, produce well-structured texts on various topics, and understand a wide variety of long texts. At this level, you are even qualified to teach others.

C2:Expert level. At this level, you understand and summarize complex information. Basically, you are proficient enough to read, write, speak, and listen. You become an expert.


  • Job opportunities: Trade with Spain and the USA has expanded over the years, which has resulted in an increase in job possibilities. Many items are carried to and from Spain, as well as the USA. Trade between the United States and Spain is estimated to be worth more than $48.5 billion.
  • Deepen your connection with other cultures-Additional language is the most direct connection to other cultures. The ability to communicate in another language makes us visible and appreciation for the traditions, religion, arts, and stories of the people associated with that language.
  • Personality developmentLearning a new language has benefited in career but also help us to develop our personality. It improves your vocabulary. It helps to improve communication skills. Our concentration power also increases.
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