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CREST English Olympiad (CSO)

Syllabus of Olympiad Exam

Syllabus of Olympiad exam is structured in such a way that children develop skills which are necessary to compete in this modern world. It enables the child to develop a skill set needed for their future careers. The skill set that is almost common in the modern world is a mixture of aptitude skills, thinking critically and logically, innovative and creative skills, English listening and comprehension skills. These skills can be developed by giving Olympiad exams and we help your child to prepare for the same and develop an overall personality which will be impressive and flattering. We have researched thoroughly all the exam patterns and made an advanced syllabus that encompasses all the topics with extra information to cover a lot more than just the basic syllabus. We have practice sessions and doubt solving sessions which will ensure that the child know the topic from in and within. The Olympiad exams are held from class kg to class 10 and below we have our list of subjects where in-depth syllabus is discussed;

English Syllabus

English Class Pre/Kg

1.  Letters (Aa – Zz) (Capital and small letters, After/Before/In-between/Missing letters, Objects/Cartoon Characters starting with lettes)
2.  Word Formation (Upto 4- letter words, rhyming words, vowels and consonants)
3.  Strokes (Lines and curves)
4.  Grammar Basics (Article a/an, Basic adjectives and preposition (in, on, out, under, etc.))
5.  Word Meanings (Synonyms, Opposites, Gender, People and Professions, Singular-Plural)

English Class 1

English Class 2

English Class 3

English Class 4

English Class 5

English Class 6

English Class 7

English Class 8

English Class 9

English Class 10

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