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We are one of the best one-to-one online tutoring platforms. We provide education in all disciplines for kids ranging from pre-primary to upper secondary. Along with academic coaching, we also teach foreign languages such as German, French, Spanish, Chinese, English, and Hindi, as well as some regional languages of India such as Urdu, Tamil, and Telugu. Our platform is also known for offering lessons for extracurricular activities such as Yoga, Abacus, Art and Craft, Singing, Dancing, Chess, Zumba, and instruments such as guitar and piano.

Our specialities are:

1) We are available 24*7 for you and your child.

2) We, Kiya Learning, create an online tuition platform based on the newest technology and industry developments as well as individual needs. We provide structured study materials and customize the schedule as per your child’s needs.

3) We have the best teachers who give the best practices in theoretical and practical knowledge during online tuition based on their years of experience in the particular subject.

4) As a result of our platform, your child’s personality will grow as well as he or she will become more engaging and interactive in nature, which will benefit him or her in the long term.
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