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Introduction to Kiya Learning Online Singing Lessons

Kiya Learning offers an immersive online platform for aspiring vocalists to master the art of singing. Our comprehensive program caters to diverse musical interests, with a special focus on Western and Hindustani vocal training.

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Western Vocal

Techniques and Styles

Popular Western Vocal Genres

Hindustani Vocal

Grasp the core principles of Hindustani music, including swara, raga, and taal.

Capture the essence of Hindustani vocal that evokes deep emotional resonance.

Basics of Hindustani Classical Music

Understand the concept of swaras as the building blocks of melodies in Hindustani music.

Dive into the intricate structures of raags, the frameworks for improvisation and composition.

Ragas and Taals in Hindustani Vocal

Raga BhairavMorning melody, evokes solemnity and devotion.
Raga YamanEvening raga, known for its romantic and soothing nature.
TeentalA versatile taal used in various compositions and improvisations.
EktaalSix-beat cycle, characterizes the measured, thoughtful pace of performances.

Benefits of learning singing online

Flexible Learning

Enjoy the freedom to schedule lessons according to your convenience, eliminating the need for physical commutes.

Reading Comprehension

Customized Feedback Receive personalized feedback, allowing for targeted improvements and efficient skill development.

Writing Proficiency

Global Community Connect with fellow music enthusiasts globally, fostering a diverse and supportive singing community.

Our experienced singing instructors

Professional Expertise

Our instructors are seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in classical, contemporary, and folk singing genres.

Personalized Guidance

Receive one-on-one mentoring tailored to your skill level, learning pace, and musical aspirations.

Inspiring Mentors

Learn from passionate mentors who are devoted to nurturing students and helping them reach their full potential.

Student success stories and testimonials

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