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Vedic Math

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Vedic Math

Unlock Your Math Potential with Kiya Learning's Vedic Math Classes

At Kiya Learning, we specialize in teaching Vedic Math to students of all ages. Our expert teachers will help you develop your math skills  easy-to-learn techniques and shortcuts.

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What is Vedic Math?

Patterns and Symmetry

The system often involves recognizing patterns and symmetries in numbers, allowing practitioners to make efficient and intuitive calculations.

Faster Calculations

The techniques used in Vedic Math allow for mental calculations that are up to 10x faster than traditional methods.

Universal Applicability

Vedic Math techniques can be applied to awide range of mathematical problems, from arithmetic to algebra and calculus.

Benefits of Learning Vedic Math

Improved Speed

Vedic Math techniques help to speed up mathematical calculations, leading to improved problem-solving abilities and increased efficiency

Enhanced Creativity

Vedic Math encourages creative thinking and problem solving, leading to improved decision making and analytical skills.

Boosted Confidence

Learning Vedic Math helps to build confidence in students by providing them with easy-tolearn techniques for solving complex mathematical problems.

Vedic Math

Benefits of Learning Vedic Math

  1. Single-Digit Addition and Subtraction:Techniques for quickly adding or subtracting single-digit numbers mentally.
  2. Multiplication by Single Digits:Methods for multiplying single-digit numbers by larger single-digit or double-digit numbers.
  3. Multiplication by 11 and 9:Special techniques for multiplying numbers by 11 and 9 with ease.
  4. Base Method (NikhilamSutra):Introduction to the base method for multiplication.
  1. Multiplication of Numbers Near a Base:Techniques for multiplying numbers near a chosen base (e.g., 100, 1000).
  2. Division:Methods for quick division, especially applicable when the divisor is close to apower of 10.
  3. SpecialMultiplication Techniques:Advanced methods for multiplying numbers with patterns or symmetry.
  1. Squaring Numbers:Techniques for squaring numbers quickly.
  2. Cubing Numbers:Methods for cubing numbers mentally.
  3. Square Roots and Cube Roots:Introduction to finding square roots and cube roots using Vedic methods.
  4. Complex Multiplication and Division:Techniques for handling more complex multiplication and division scenarios.
  1. Multiplication and division practice.
  2. Introducing more advanced mathematical operations.
  3. Solving complex problems using the abacus.
  1. Advanced Applications:Integration of Vedic Mathematics principles in solving a variety of mathematical problems.
  2. Problem-Solving Strategies:Mastery of Vedic Math principles and strategies for applying them to real world problems.

Why Choose Kiya Learning for Online Vedic Maths Classes?

Vedic Math
1.Expert Instructors:Our online classes are led by expert instructors with adeep understanding of Vedic Mathematics.They bring years of experience and apassion for teaching to create adynamic and engaging learning experience.
2. Flexible Learning:Enjoy the convenience of learning Vedic Maths from the comfort of your home.Our online platform allows flexibility in scheduling, enabling students to access classes at a time that suits their routine.
3. Comprehensive Curriculum:Our Vedic Maths curriculum covers a range of techniques, from basic calculations to advanced mathematical concepts.Each module is structured to ensure aprogressive learning journey for students of all levels.
4. Interactive Sessions:Engage in real-time interactive sessions that encourage active participation.Our instructors use multimedia content, virtual whiteboards, and collaborative tools to make learning Vedic Maths enjoyable and effective.
5. Personalized Attention:Benefit from personalized attention in our online classes.We keep our class sizes manageable to ensure that every student receives the guidance and support they need to grasp Vedic Maths concepts.

What to Expect from Our Online Vedic Maths Classes

1.Efficient Calculation Techniques: Learn time-tested Vedic Maths techniques that enhance calculation speed and accuracy, providing a valuable skill set applicable in everyday life.
2. MentalMath Mastery:Develop the ability to perform complex mental calculations effortlessly.Our classes focus on honing mental math skills for quick and precise computation.
Vedic Math
3.Problem-Solving Proficiency: Vedic Maths not only simplifies calculations but also promotes adeeper understanding of mathematical principles, enhancing problem-solving skills.
3. Application in Daily Life:Discover how Vedic Maths principles can be applied in various real-life situations, from school exams to professional endeavors.

Shortcut Tips and Tricks for Vedic Math

Vertically and Crosswise Technique

This technique is used for squaring numbers and multiplying two numbers together.

Nikhilam Sutra

This technique is used for multiplication and division problems that have a large number of digits.

Enroll Today and Begin Your Vedic Maths Journey!

Are you ready to embark on a mathematical adventure that transcends traditional approaches? Enroll in Kiya Learning’s Online Vedic Maths Classes today and equip yourself with a valuable set of skills that will last a lifetime.Whether you’re a student, professional, or mathematics enthusiast, our classes are tailored to meet your learning needs. Join us on the path to mathematical efficiency and success!

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