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An accountant is required in any field because every organization or company needs a professional that can handle their financial activities.
If you’re a professional accountant, you can start your own business because you understand the marketplace better.

Why is Kiya learning?

  • We provide online 1:1 private classes and only experienced teachers will be provided.
  • 360 degree understanding of all the chapters.
  • We provide the best study materials and real-life examples to teach the students.
  • We make sure that students will clear all their doubts.
  • You will be able to comprehend complicated and critical topics such as how to record financial transactions and sort, classify, audit, and summarize financial information while presenting it as financial reports and analyses.


We teach skills such as

1) All of the essential skills that an accountant must have, such as selecting relevant information for the audience, clearly communicating financial statements, aptitude for mathematics, and the ability to quickly analyze, compare, and interpret facts and figures.
2) Other abilities, such as numerical and logical reasoning, attention to detail, and analytical thinking, are required for manipulating and organizing large amounts of financial data.
  • Core details

    We covered all the topics and chapters that are taught in the classes. We taught everything from introductory courses in accounting to principles of accounting, financial accounting, and managerial accounting.

    Cost and Quality Management, Auditing, and Federal Tax Procedure are among the other courses you may anticipate studying.

    We also offer an advanced accounting course. Students can also take specialist classes, such as Computer Applications in Accounting, which introduces them to new software that is required by accounting companies.

    These courses set the principles of accounting that will be built on in future coursework.
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