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Phonics makes learning easy and fun.

Reading is an important life skill that can help you succeed in school, college, and later in life. This course will teach you the principles of phonics as a reading approach.

Why us?

  • 1) We provide online one-to-one private classes.
  • 2) Children from 4-15 years old can join our classes.
  • 3 Experienced teachers are provided.
  • 4) Learning is made fun and easy.
  • 5) Timing for the classes is fixed based on the convenience of the children. The timing is fixed without affecting the school timings of the children.

We assure you

  • 1) Our classes are engaging. Your child will engage more and more in real life also.
  • 2) Your child will never feel overwhelmed in or after classes.
  • 3) Phonics lessons are often designed to be fun for children. We teach them with games, quizzes, videos, and images, which are often tied them to our lessons. This enhance their learning ability.
  • 4) Your child will be able to write and spell English fluently.


  1. 1) Improves vocabulary and language.
  2. 2) Reading increases a child’s patience and attentiveness.
  3. 3)Reading enhances vocabulary and linguistic comprehension.
  4. 4) Reading is good for the brain.
  5. 5) Your child become a better speller and fluent reader.

What you’ll learn

We want to provide our pupils with the most critical skill they will need in their early school years: the ability to read fluently, accurately, with expression, good diction, and enunciation.

We cover many topics. Some are listed below

  1. 1) Introduction.
  2. 2) A Rationale for Teaching Synthetic Phonics.
  3. 3) From theory to Practice: Teaching Initial Sounds.
  4. 4) Segmenting and blending.
  5. 5) High-Frequency words.
  6. 6) Long and short sounds.
  7. 7) Learn spelling patterns and syllabication with jolly Grammar.
  8. 8) Learn the 42 sounds of English with jolly phonics.
  9. 9) Learn 72 frequently used tricky spellings.
  10. 10) Make simple sentences for picture writing independently.

After joining our classes, your child will grow accustomed to using the sounds of the alphabet rather than letter names.

Head on phonetics and reading classes for pre-schoolers Aged 4-6

Help students to grab correct pronunciation and spellings.

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Welcome to kiya learning

We provide online one-to-one private classes.

Children from 4-15 years old can join our classes.

Experienced teachers are provided.

Learning is made fun and easy.

Introduce your child to the magical world of stories

Trusting Tracy

Come up with Tracy on a long trip and lean the magic of t sound.

Shawn is on a ship

Shawn is in the shop on the sea. Let's sail on the sound of s with Shawn

Cleo is late for class

Clyde and Cleo will teach us the sound of c. Let's jump in their life cycle

Knox's Knots

knots and knots everywhere. With Kiya learning let's learn to unknot the mystery of sound.

Paul and Austin

Paul and Austin are friends. Let's come together to their aww story and sound aw

Ben and the Eggs

Ben is counting the eggs. Do you want to play with Ben? Let's come together and learn all about Ben and e sound

Your Child Can Read








See Your Child Becoming A

Spelling bee champ.



Writer & Listener


Kiya learning will provide you with

Choose a pack and begin an amazing journey

1 to 1 classes

● More interaction
● Less confusion
● Student centred learning
● Guaranteed progress

1 to 4 classes

● Peer learning
● Improves communication skills
● Enhances learning through competition
● Builds leadership qualities

1 to 1 classes

Level 1
42 classes

● Basic Introduction Of Phonetics
● Learn The Phonetic Transcription
● Learn 42 Sounds Of Phonetics
● Stories, Rhyming Words And Many More Activities.

Level 2
32 classes

● Introduced To The Combination Of Sounds
● Vowels With Consonants
● Silent Words
● Encourage To Read Small Passages.

Level 3
26 classes

● Words To Develop Their Vocabulary Like Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms
● Children Will Learn About The Concept Of Prefix And Suffix.
● Read A Full Length Story With Follow Up Questions.

1 to 4 group classes

Level 1
42 classes

● Learn The Basic Symbols Of Phonetics
● Learn The Sounds Of Symbols
● Write Phonetic Transcription
● 42 Sounds With 42 Stories
● Activities To Enhance Learning

Level 2
32 classes

● Mixture Of Sounds
● Clarity Of Silent Sounds
● Learn To Spell Correctly
● Encourage To Read Passages
● Activities To Enhance Teamwork

Level 3
26 classes

● Introduction Of Synonyms, Antonyms And Homonyms
● Learn The Concept Of Word Building
● Improve Comprehensive Abilities
● Learn To Form Sentences

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