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Urdu language in USA

Introduction to Kiya Learning Urdu Language Courses

Kiya Learning offers comprehensive Urdu language in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for learners of all levels. Our courses are designed to provide a deep understanding of the language and culture, making learning an enriching experience.

Our approach to teaching Urdu

Art & Craft in USA

Interactive Learning

Our approach focuses on interactive learning sessions to enhance speaking & listening skills.

Art & Craft in USA

Cultural Immersion

We integrate cultural elements into the curriculum for a holistic understanding of Urdu.

Art & Craft in USA

Customized Learning

Each student's learning pace and requirements are prioritized for personalized teaching.

Experienced Tamil language instructors

Beginner Courses
Foundational understanding of Urdu

Intermediate Courses
Enhanced vocabulary and grammar

Advanced Courses
Proficiency in speaking and writing


Urdu language in USA

Our experienced instructors

Urdu language in USA

Qualified Professionals

Our instructors are experts in Urdu language, literature, and linguistics.

Urdu language in USA

Teaching Excellence

They are skilled in offering engaging and effective teaching techniques.

Urdu language in USA


They prioritize the needs and progress of each student

Skills Covered

Urdu language in USA

Speaking & Listening

Develop conversational and comprehension skills.

Urdu language in USA

Reading & Writing

Enhance reading fluency and writing proficiency.

Urdu language in USA

Cultural Understanding

Gain insights into Urdu culture, traditions, and literature.

Skills Covered

Fluency development and pronunciation.

Comprehension skills and auditory perception.

Comprehensive reading exercises and comprehension strategies.

Written expression and composition enhancement.

Urdu language in USA


Course Completion

Official certification upon course completion.


Recognition for proficiency in Urdu language.

Student testimonials

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